Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ALWAYS LAST Recording (Part 2)

Last Saturday we went to the studio again to record the vocals. We would like to thank Salman (Soul Savior) who came down all the way from Temerloh just to help us, and also Akmal (TIM/Skunkfix) for helping us with the harmonies and stuff. Thank you guys! We owe you guys a bunch of hugs and kisses. By the way, it's not yet finished, we need to re-record and repair some stuff. Until then.

Hatred Shall Gone! Photos

Last weekend we played a show at Noisy, Ampang. Tobek had to stay in his office slaving himself and couldn't join us. Thank god we had Akmal (TIM/Skunkfix) who filled in for him. Millions of thanks to our friends who stayed until the end of the show with us, Akmal and also the organizers of the show (Nik Ezani and friends), sorry that we kinda fucked up but hey, super thanks for the food and drinks too :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hatred Shall Gone!