Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hello people! We will be supporting BACKYARD SURGEONS for their short South East Asian tour and will be helping out with 4 dates (3 in Malaysia and 1 in Singapore). Check out the dates here:

24th September 2010 - Gudang Noisy, Kuala Lumpur
25th September 2010 - Singapore (venue TBA)
26th September 2010 - Melaka (venue TBA)
28th September 2010 - Grido Studio, Kelana Jaya

We will post other details and updates on this tour later!

In the meantime, check out BACKYARD SURGEONS myspace page at:

You can buy their CDs (limited copies only!) from Nervhous Records, check out at:

Monday, August 16, 2010

ALWAYS LAST to tour with BACKYARD SURGEONS in September 2010

Hello people! We will be going on a short tour with BACKYARD SURGEONS from Australia in September! They will be on their South East Asian tour and we'll help them out for the Malaysian, Singaporean and MAYBE Indonesian dates. We will update more about the tour when all is confirmed. Here's a brief description about the band:

"Backyard Surgeons play a brand of fast, melodic punk rock similar to A Wilhelm Scream but with a slightly more mid-90's skate punk feel. (Think Pulley)"

Don't forget to check out their myspace page at

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So What The Hell Happened To Always Last?

Yup, so what the happened happened to us? well, nothing much really. the band is busy with their own projects and stuff like that.

Min recorded and released a CD with his new-school hardcore band, THY REGIMENT and played a bunch of shows promoting their record. You can check THY REGIMENT at and we heard he is now started to focus on recording with his other punk rock band, SKUNKFIX. We did told you he is a drum machine right? Check out SKUNKFIX at He also plays with KIDS ON THE MOVE once in a while.

Bulat recently got married, and recently got busy with his side project, PARTIMELOVERS. If you're tired of the same old, same old punk rock, PARTIMELOVERS is definitely a band worth checking out. Definitely recommended for those who love shoegaze rock or something like that. check 'em out at and guess what, his wife is pregnant now! yeay!

Shah finally started working but quit his job after 2 and a half months and now working somewhere else. He recently got busy running a small DIY punk distro/record label that is owned by his girlfriend, called Cellulite Records. His other band (THE MINDLESS SHOW) also just recently released a split tape with another local punk rock band called Gasoline Grenade. Check out TMS at and also Cellulite Records at

Tobek, shares the common affection for the band Dillinger Four with our friend, Buyeng and jams to D4 sometimes him. Recently formed a Weezer cover band with the fine boys from PARTIMELOVERS and TOXICTOY.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WHATEVER THAT MEANS farewell party!

We were supposed to play a show with Whatever That Means at Noisy but the show was canceled due to a raid that happened a week before. So to make it up for them, our friends did a small studio show turned farewell party for the band. Good times!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Fridays

Note: Our show was canceled due to the police raid at the venue, during a gig a week before

Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Arrival + Aerobridge

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Always Last joining Struck A Nerve tour to Johor!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Touring Was...FUN! A Time We'll Remember

Always Last & Overdose, in Melaka

Always Last, Overdose + Duan the roadie/tour manager

Duan taught these guys how to play "Colek"

More "Colek" at Embrace Hall, JB

Loser 1

Loser 2

Waiting for Jack @ City Hall, JB

In front of the venue in Singapore, after show

Happy hardcore jumps!

SUPER THANK YOU'S, HUGS AND KISSES to Duan (yep, the roadie and self-appointed tour manager hahahaha), Du Wei, Ruanruan, Jack and Eli (Overdose), Akmal and Namo (for helping us during the shows in Taiping and Penang) Dean Papakerma, Norly, Epit, Sunie, Elin, Amie, Mudik, Usop, Haji Emi and Zubai (what a coincidence to meet you guys in Melaka!), Eizzat, Smile Party Kolektif + Wild Dogs, friends at Noisy Studio, Ihsan Rainhouse for letting us crash at the venue, Min Gangbuster and friends in Penang, Azzief and friends for organizing the show at Grido Studio, Nervhous Family and friends, our Kajang friends for organizing the show at Equal Studio, Azizi Bebal Distro for bringing us around Melaka town and organizing the show, Melaka friends we hung out with after the show, Fahmi for letting us crash at Embrace HQ for 2 nights and brought us to Danga Bay and that fun-fair, Rizman, Ajie, Gapur, Fadli, Embrace HQ family and friends, our Singaporean friends (Cher, Glen, Jamez, Yati, Hafiz Bastard, Vanessa, Fizzo Dizzo, Elfi, Chubby, Muhsin and friend, Wan Vegan, Amir, Straits Records and friends), all our friends who showed up at shows and said hi, all the gig organizers, all the bands we played with, all the people who came to the show and also all the people who bought our stuff. Thank you very much for helping us out for the tour! hopefully we'll see you awesome people again next time! We love you!

Not to forget, Stoneville Records and Pissart Records for releasing the Always Last and Overdose split tape!

P/S: No, we didn't make money BUT we made lots of friends, we gain experience, we learn from each other, we helped each other out, we shared stories and stuff, and we had FUN! that's all that matters. that's DIY punk rock! (at least to us). Surely, these are the times we'll remember for the rest of our lives!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rice Above! #04

SILENT DEATH - long running local death metal
CRIMESCNE - Stoner/Powerviolence
FREYGYLE - sounds like Alkaline Trio sharing the same bed with Bad Religion
KELADAK - no idea about this band
ALWAYS LAST - fucked up melodic punk rock/pop-punk

Rice Above!

We were just added for playing fourth installment of Rice Above!, that happens on Tuesdays everyweek! As posted by Joe Kidd via Facebook:

"Rice Above! #04! Get ready for Tuesday next week! We have CRIMESCENE, ALWAYS LAST, FREYGYLE, KELADAK aaannndddd,.. hopefully,... SILENT DEATH!! Mari menari!"

p/s: Silent Death said yes! we will put up the flyer for this show once it's ready!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OUT NOW! Always Last/Overdose split tape!

This special tour edition tape is released while Always Last and China's Overdose are touring together, with the help of our friends from Stoneville Records and Pissart Records. This tape is limited to 100 copies, 50 on black tapes and 50 on green transparent tapes! Get it from the labels and also the band! It's basically a reissue of our first demo + one new song that was recorded right before the tour started!

Side A (Always Last)
1. The Intro
2. Theoritically Rhetoric is Pathetic
3. The Best Practices
4. Partial

Side B (Overdose)
1. Look At Me, I'm A Mess
2. Fuck Your Fucking Band
3. Nevin's House (feat. DJ Tim)
4. Song For Liu Liu
5. Die With Me

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Always Last - Antidotes CD reviewed in MRR!

Hello people, our full length got reviewed in the Maximum Rock N Roll, February 2010 issue! Here's what the reviewer had to say about it:

"if Fat Wreck Chords ever opens up a Malaysian office, then Always Last ought to be the first signing. They have managed to distill that signature "Fat Sound" (i.e Bad Religion filtered through the lens of NOFX, ending up like a cross between No Use For A Name, Good Riddance, and Propagandhi), sing in perfect english, and faithfully reproduce the variety melodic pop-punk styles that early randy did so well. Always Last, of course, might scoff at the likes of Fat. The lyrics and liner notes are staunchly independent/diy-'til-death, and the record is co-released by three different Malaysian labels (i just picked one here to list arbitrarily). Personally, methinks it's pretty excellent all around (a little off-key singing notwithstanding), though its always trifle odd to think of the, ahem, reach of cultural imperialism that such western sounds (and ideas) can be reproduced wholesale. but there you go, that's internationalism for you!!" (Ramsey Kanaan)

Thanks Ramsey Kanaan!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello everybody, we will be on Malaysia/Singapore tour with fellow Beijing punks, Overdose. There will be 8 shows in the total of 10 days. Do come and support us! Our friends at Stoneville Records and Pissart Records will be releasing Always Last/Overdose split tape to support the tour! woohoo! Check out Overdose at their myspace page at:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Congratulations Nasrul & Ira!

Our guitarist just got married! Congratulations to both Nasrul and his dear wife, Ira! May their marriage will lasts forever! Pictures were taken by Red, at Nasrul's house in Padang Piol, Jerantut, Pahang! Pawerrrr!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Malaysia/Singapore tour, 2010

Hello people, Always Last will be on Malaysia/Singapore tour with OVERDOSE, a punk rock band from China in February 2010. more info regarding the tour soon but here are the tentative dates:

19/2 - Kuala Lumpur
20/2 - Taiping, Perak
21/2 - Penang
22/2 - DAY OFF
23/2 - Kelana Jaya
24/2 - Kajang
25/2 - DAY OFF
26/2 - Melaka
27/2 - Singapore
28/2 - Johor Bahru, Johor

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Our good friends Soul Savior and friends from Temerloh is putting out a show there, a day after our guitarist's (Bulat) wedding! If you happen to be from around there, come and join us!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Upcoming Shows!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hello people! we already have a bunch of shows lined-up for the year 2010. So if you're free, or happen to live anywhere near where we play, feel free to come and join us!

2nd January 2010 (Saturday) - Rumbia Resort Villa, Paka @ Terengganu (the first stop of Struck A Nerve tour, featuring Sneaky Sniper, 24 Caliberletter, Dead Eyes Glow, Teaser Opera, Dum Dum Tak, Skunkfix, Panca Sri Gemala Sakti, Monopose, Johnny Not Gangster, Never Found, ALWAYS LAST and Stick No Bill).

9th January 2010 (Saturday) - Pisschrist/Blockshot tour @ Singapore (TBA).

15th January 2010 (Friday) - Daighila/Sarjan Hassan mini tour @ Grido Studio, Kelana Jaya (TBA).

6th February 2010 (Saturday) - BOLD (New York Hardcore Legends, Revelation Records) South East Asian Tour @ 1Cafe, Kuala Lumpur (TBA)

15th February 2010 (Sunday) - Temerloh, Pahang (TBA)

13th March 2010 (Saturday) - Muar, Johor (TBA)

13th March 2010 (Saturday) - Batu Pahat, Johor (TBA)

14th March 2010 (Sunday) - JB, Johor (TBA)

See you at the shows!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Struck A Nerve Tour, First Stop: PAKA! (2/1/2010)

So "Struck A Nerve" is the name of tour for Nervhous Records bands! We are super stoked. There will be 5 bands traveling together from Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu in a journey that would take about 5 hours or less. This will be our first time playing in Terengganu. Legend has it that Terengganu was the first state ever to be hit by Punk Rock in Malaysia, back in the 80's. This Paka show will be also be the first stop for the whole Struck A Nerve tour. So don't miss this one!