Thursday, December 31, 2009

Upcoming Shows!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hello people! we already have a bunch of shows lined-up for the year 2010. So if you're free, or happen to live anywhere near where we play, feel free to come and join us!

2nd January 2010 (Saturday) - Rumbia Resort Villa, Paka @ Terengganu (the first stop of Struck A Nerve tour, featuring Sneaky Sniper, 24 Caliberletter, Dead Eyes Glow, Teaser Opera, Dum Dum Tak, Skunkfix, Panca Sri Gemala Sakti, Monopose, Johnny Not Gangster, Never Found, ALWAYS LAST and Stick No Bill).

9th January 2010 (Saturday) - Pisschrist/Blockshot tour @ Singapore (TBA).

15th January 2010 (Friday) - Daighila/Sarjan Hassan mini tour @ Grido Studio, Kelana Jaya (TBA).

6th February 2010 (Saturday) - BOLD (New York Hardcore Legends, Revelation Records) South East Asian Tour @ 1Cafe, Kuala Lumpur (TBA)

15th February 2010 (Sunday) - Temerloh, Pahang (TBA)

13th March 2010 (Saturday) - Muar, Johor (TBA)

13th March 2010 (Saturday) - Batu Pahat, Johor (TBA)

14th March 2010 (Sunday) - JB, Johor (TBA)

See you at the shows!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Struck A Nerve Tour, First Stop: PAKA! (2/1/2010)

So "Struck A Nerve" is the name of tour for Nervhous Records bands! We are super stoked. There will be 5 bands traveling together from Kuala Lumpur to Terengganu in a journey that would take about 5 hours or less. This will be our first time playing in Terengganu. Legend has it that Terengganu was the first state ever to be hit by Punk Rock in Malaysia, back in the 80's. This Paka show will be also be the first stop for the whole Struck A Nerve tour. So don't miss this one!

We're Playing a Free Show! Mari Bergonjeng! (12/12/2009)

Hello people! It's been a while. Our good friend Gondo and friends is putting out a small studio show in Kelana Jaya this coming Friday (12/12/2009). The studio is where our friend, Andax works at. IT'S A FREE SHOW. Ignore the pre-sale ticket price being RM50, they are just fooling around. So see you there, people!

Monday, November 16, 2009

On The March To The Final Doom!

Hello people, this Friday we'll be playing a show together with HELLOWAR (epic crust band from Jakarta, Indonesia) and our friends Pusher, Rotten Charles Manson, Lai-Chee-Kong & Rakus. This one is very special because it's a release party for 4 bands, supporting the new releases by Hellowar, Pusher, RCM and also us, Always Last. This shit's gonna get crazy! So instead of you going clubbing that night, do come and join us! See ya in the pit!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ANTIDOTES for wholesale

Hello people, we just want to let you know that our first full length is now available. Here is the price listing:

RM15 (by hand)
RM16 (by regular post)
RM18 (pos express)

For international orders (outside Malaysia), please contact us first so that we can work things out.

To those who are interested to buy the CD's in bulk for their shops or distros, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

or you can always call:

+6012-2426564 (Shah)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

ALWAYS LAST merch still available!

We have buttons & t-shirts for sale. These stuff are pretty limited, we made 30 pieces of the shirt and a few bunch of buttons. Some of them were sold during the No Use show, so grab yours fast. Contact us if you're interested. See you at shows soon!

The original artwork on the shirt was done by Emy (Skunkfix) and finalized by Min.

T-Shirt = RM25 (not including postage)
Buttons = RM2 (not including postage)

email us at:

Friday, October 23, 2009


We are featured in another compilation, this time with a collaborative release between Pissart Records, Nervhous Records and Kampret Records from Jakarta, Indonesia. Local bands featured including our friends The Mindless Show, TIM and also Cock Say Cock Dung. Other bands included on this compilation are majority of bands from around Indonesia, some from the US and some from parts of Europe.

We contributed the song
Theoritically Rhetoric is Pathetic, originally from the S/T demo.

Contact us at:


Pissart Records
Nervhous Records
Kampret Records (Jakarta, Indonesia)

ANTIDOTES available now!

After a couple of months delayed, we finally released a new full-length. Actually it was made available a week before the No Use For A Name show in Kuala Lumpur (18/10/2009). Thanks to Pissart Records, Nervhous Records and also Embrace Records for co-releasing this CD with us. It has 15 tracks of punk rock music in it. We hope you like it. Do contact us or the labels to get it or you can always get it at shows around Kuala Lumpur.

...Like Living in Contrast (A New McCarthyism?) / DIUS / Stupid Macho Band, End (S)hits! / Why Must Sell-out When We Can Sell-in? / To Be True is a Lie / Jom Layan Punk / Sanitized / Chalk / Patches & Leadframes / Tulip / Good Friend of Mine / Comforting Asses (The Cunt-ry Paid) / Aaina Kamelia: The Warmth / Aaina Kameilia: The Aftermath / Out-Rho

If you think mailorder is still fun, then contact:

36 Jalan Bunga Melati 2/2,
Seksyen 2,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Pissart Records
Nervhous Rechords
Embrace Records

It Was Truly A Feel Good Show Of The Year!

So last Sunday we played "The Feel Good Show Of The Year", along with our friends Toxictoy, Second Combat, Plague of Happiness, Under 18, Abhorrence, Dosound and NO USE FOR A NAME! It was a blast, we would like to thank everyone involved and helped with the show, Nervhous Rechords, Red Ink Entertainment, Permatha Pathah, United Front and all our friends, not to forget Salman and Akmal for helping us with the keyboards and backups and people who came to the show. We all had fun! We met a lot of new friends and met our old friends too! It was a show that we're going to remember for the rest of our lives. 10 years was worth the wait! Please come back again soon, No Use! Thank you!

photos by:
bob/deadgoat aria

Thursday, October 1, 2009


After about 1 year delayed, our friends at Nervhous Records, Pissart Records and also Red Ink Ent finally released the compilation called SENANDUNG PAWER-KORD. If you think this is just another punk rock compilation, you are dead wrong. Each band recorded 1 song originally by Malaysian 80's artists/bands and make it their own versions. sounds interesting? contact us to get yourself a copy now!

1) T.I.M - Dia (Sheila Majid)
2) Carbon 4 Teen - Gadis Ayu (Black Dog Bone)
3) Toxictoy - Antara Cinta dan Kasih (Aishah)
4) 679 - Chow Kitt Road (Sudirman)
5) Half-Asleep - Sinaran (Sheila Majid)
6) Skunkfix - Masih Aku Terasa (Gersang)
7) Killing Steward - Basikal Tua (Sudirman)
8) The Liberals - Penganggur (Sudirman)
9) Soul Savior - Khabar Buat Ibu (Alleycats)
10) Stick No Bill - Hanya Di Radio (Headwind)
11) Cock Say Cock Dung - Suratan Takdir (Gersang)
12) Sally Faerie - Wajah Rahsia Hati (Fauziah Ahmad Daud)
13) Always Last - Persamaan (Freedom)
14) Geng Gemok Keji - Hingga Akhir Nanti (Alleycats)
15) Moda Moody - Gadis Dan Bunga (Rahimah Rahim)
16) Sleepyjeremy - Ayahku Dan Angkasawan (Kembara)
17) Dum Dum Tak - Rupa Tanpa Wajah (Kembara)

Warning: This is a covers project,
a compilation of Malaysian 80's pop songs covered and ruined with these bands own styles.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ALWAYS LAST demo reviewed in

our self-titled demo was reviewed and featured in Razorcake official website, along with our friends Cock Say Cock Dung and Dum Dum Tak. It was all reviewed by Jimmy Alvarado. Here's what he had to say about it:

"Wow, Malaysian pop punk. Something you don’t run into every day. Good stuff from a band that sounds close to what I imagine Me First And The Gimme Gimmes would sound like if they played originals." - Jimmy Alvarado

check these links for DDT and CSCD reviews: (Cock Say Cock Dung) (Dum Dum Tak)

Thanks Jimmy for the sweet and short review, and thanks to Nizang for sending the demo for review :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Always Last to open for No Use For A Name's show in Kuala Lumpur! (18/10/2009)

On October 18th 2009, we will open for one of our all-time favourite band, No Use For A Name! along with our friends Toxictoy, Plague of Happiness and Second Combat! Woohoo! (click on the image to view larger)

Whoever want to get the pre-sale tickets can call the numbers below. Tickets probably will be available from next Monday 31 August. Thanks!

(sms us NUFAN TICKET. and we'll get back to you as soon as the tickets are ready)

petaling jaya - kuala lumpur | 0166242916
klang - shah alam - subang | 0192293816 / 0122426564
puchong - seri kembangan - kuala lumpur | 0126690243
studia allunan symfonny (sunway) | 0182461976
JB - Singapore | +06591021518

We will be at these places this Hari Raya Holidays;


Tickets will also be available at:

ALLUNAN SYMFONNY studio, cafe & distro,
#27-2, Jalan PJS 8/12, Dataran Sunway Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Central Malaysia

Contact No.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Apis (Carbon 4 Teen) reviews Always Last

We would like to share with you the looong review of our self-titled demo, by our friend Apis from Carbon 4 Teen. This is stolen from his personal blog. Thanks Apis, and sorry that it is written in Bahasa Malaysia.

"Kali ini aku telah memberanikan diri untuk membuat ulasan tentang satu rilisan oleh sebuah band punk rock dari keluarga Nervhous Re-chords iaitu ALWAYS LAST!

CD ini aku beli dengan harga RM3.00 semasa berlangsungnya jamming session oleh beberapa band Punk Rock disitu. Kenapa murah? owh... hasil photostat hitam putih. ok lah tu. Mula-mula Aku macam malas nak beli kalau tak kenal sebab dari segi fizikal produk ini, aku hanya mampu memberi mereka 2 bintang dari keselurahan 5 bintang. Oleh sebab band ni bermainkan muzik Punk Rock dan aku kenal beberapa barisan anggota Always Last, so aku seluk seluar jeans aku. Nasib baik ada baki selepas aku guna Tol Akleh untuk datang ke Ampang. Ini lah perangai sebenar aku kalau nak beli sesuatu produk.

Dalam CD ini pula mengandungi 5 tracks iaitu The Intro, Theoritically Rhetoric is Pathetic, The Best Practices, Kalau Aku... Pak Lah dan Partial.

1. The Intro (2:03)
First sekali dah tentu aku nak dengar kualiti gelombang bunyi yang muncul dari hasil gabungan instrument yang mereka mainkan. Oh.. ini... Jap! Always Last telah meyakinkan aku dengan pepatah dont judge a book by its cover. Memang baik! Anda akan rasa seperti anda telah tersalah memasukkan Audio CD ke CD ROM laptop anda. Hasil CD yang di'burn' mungkin pakai software Nero atau Windows Media Player atau apa-apa sahaja ini telah menghasilkan gelombang bunyi yang padu dan jelas. Setiap pukulan drum, petikan gitar dan bass masuk sebiji demi sebiji ke corong telinga aku melalui headphone Panasonic milik aku. Aku mula terbayangkan intro (glass war) oleh NOFX dalam album They've actually gotten worst live! Always Last bukan sama macam NOFX atau Bad Religion, tapi ntah..kenapa aku terbayangkan mereka. kualiti sound ke? ish... jangan samakan NOFX atau Bad Religion dengan band punk rock lain. boleh kena marah dengan peminat Punk Rock dunia. macam apa ar? macam.. hah ok! ini band Punk Rock!

2. Theoritically Rhetoric is Pathetic (2:27)
Aku mula melebarkan senyuman.. tak sah lagi! Always Last bukan calang-calang band. Mereka berjaya keluar dari 'kepompong' punk rock seperti yang anda biasa dengar. Octave yang melekat namun ada sedikit cacat sebanyak 1% di minor solo mereka. itu pun kalau anda mengulang part tersebut 4 - 5 kali baru anda perasan. Namun ia tidak mencacatkan kesuluruhan lagu ini.

3. The Best Practices (1:41)
Pukulan drum pantas dan disertakan dengan tenaga yang konstan! Kehebatan drumer mereka tidak dapat disangkal. Tempo juga dikawal dengan baik. aku menjadi begitu teruja sehingga lagu ini tamat. fuhh...

4. Kalau Aku.. Pak Lah (2:43)
Copy dan Paste ulasan diatas.... tambah pula ini, mesej yang berani walaupun isu ini sudah lapuk. tapi semasa lagu ini dicipta, isu ini masih belum lapuk. Sarcasm dan Best!

5. Partial (6:16)
Always Last tidak perlu memberitahu yang lagu ini adalah killer song mereka. tapi pada aku, lagu ini memang boleh membunuh! Tidak keterlaluan untuk aku mencadangkan kepada punkrockers semua untuk meletakkan lagu ini sebagai favorite dalam list anda. Anda tidak perlu menunggu chorus untuk sing-a-long kerana keseluruhan lagu ini adalah untuk sing-a-long! kecuali part "rainboys is fuckin homophobs" korang kena nyanyi kuat sikit. hehe.. Alunan bass pada penghujung lagu amat menarik. penghujung? bukan 6 minit lebih ke? pelik kenapa 6 minit lebih? owh... ada bonus tersembunyi di minit 3:04! Dimulakan dengan bunyi orang bertepuk tangan dalam rentak yang ceria. hahaha... ini adalah lagu unpluged versi spontan yang terancang. memang kreatif!

Kesimpulan : Bagus! Korang tak akan menyesal membayar rm3.00 kerana ianya sudah lebih dari berbaloi. Sorry lah kasi korang 2 bintang pada mulanya. tapi itu lah persepsi orang terhadap fizikal produk ini. Takper, kita bukan makan kulit kacang pun kan? isi itu yang kita nak. Itu sahajalah pandangan aku terhadap rilisan Always Last kali ini. Aku juga tak sabar untuk membuat ulasan terhadap rilisan mereka akan datang.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We will be supporting our good friends Daighila for their tour in-conjunction with their new released tape called Henceforth. We will be playing with them and other friends in Puchong Jaya. Duan told me the venue will be somewhere at the shop lots opposite/in front of IOI Mall, Puchong. See you people there! Check them out here ( Here's the flyer:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

ALWAYS LAST plays at tribute to HI-STANDARD!

We are paying tribute to our favourite punk rock/pop-punk band from the land of rising sun (it's Japan, duh!) the infamous Hi-Standard. We are playing Sunny Day (off their first album Growing Up) and also Starry Night (off their final album Making The Road).

We are eager to see how other bands will be doing their version of Hi-Standard songs, especially Daighila, Partimelovers and also Zeue because their original sounds are not the type band that plays melodic punk rock/skatepunk or anything like that!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rock Against Zionism (Part 2) video!

This is the second part of the video taken during Rock Against Zionism show in One Cafe, Kuala Lumpur. The first song is our original, "Comforting Asses" and the second one is a cover of Operation Ivy's Unity. Video taken by Megat Zahrin.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Talib (formerly wrote East Rage & No More Tears) is now returned with second installment of the bi-lingual zine Prasasti Hujung Langit. This time with more thought-provoking columns/writings/ramblings and also interviews. Very nice front cover and very neat layout. Personally, i suggest you to go and check out this good zine. Always Last demo cd also got reviewed in it. Thanks for the positive review Talib

"Kualiti rakaman yang sangat bagus! musik melodik yang sangat menarik minat sesiapa sahaja untuk turut sama beraksi dan bereaksi. ini dia kugiran Always Last yang telah menjadi sebutan dan buah mulut hampir semua orang yang meminati musik punk rock di Malaysia. penampilan baru oleh ramai personaliti kugiran-kugiran punk rock dari sekitar tanah air. rakan rakan dari The Mindless Show, Skunkfix, Fags and Stoned, Disgruntled dan banyak lagi. pengalaman dan minat mereka terhadap musik ini membuahkan satu lagi kugiran baru yang saya rasa agak lari dari tipikal kugiran punk rock kebiasaan yang saya dengarkan. melodik dan pasti membuat anda merasa riang dan ingin turut serta dalam mosh pit apabila mereka beraksi. membawakan 5 lagu termasuk intro dan salah 1 lagu yang menjadi pujaan ramai ialah Kalau Aku...Pak Lah! sebuah rilisan sendiri yang sangat sederhana, dari segi bungkusan dan muka hadapan. susun atur dan kemasan juga sederhana tetapi sedap mata memandang dan menarik. disertakan sekali helaian untuk lirik untuk memberi anda peluang untuk menyanyi bersama. saya cadangkan kugiran ini untuk mengulang cetak album ini dalam bentuk yang lebih profesional. mungkin dalam bentuk kaset dengan sleeve yang lebih tampak profesional barangkali!"

get the zine from:

Convert (Yr. Mind) Distro

or you can always write to

you can also read the "online version" of the first issue here:

Prasasti Hujung Langit @ Blogspot

Friday, June 5, 2009

Ayuh Riang Ria Di Mosh Pit!

Always Last and our friends in Skunkfix were invited to play a show in Melaka in support our friends Half Asleep tour with Ever After from Indonesia. This turns out to be our first time playing in Melaka! So if you're happen to be around the area, come and join us!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rock Against Zionism video!

This video was taken during our Rock Against Zionism set at One Cafe on 4th April 2009. The first part was a brief speech of what's happening in the Middle East where people with power abuses the media to make people believe that the Palestinians are the ones who's being violent while Israelis are being oppressed but the truth is really the opposite. The second part is our song "The Best Practices" and also "Stupid Macho Band, End (S)hits!". Super thanks to Wale for the video camera and also Megat Zahrin for filming and converting this to digital format. Thanks to our friends and those who stayed and supported us.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ALWAYS LAST Recording (Part 2)

Last Saturday we went to the studio again to record the vocals. We would like to thank Salman (Soul Savior) who came down all the way from Temerloh just to help us, and also Akmal (TIM/Skunkfix) for helping us with the harmonies and stuff. Thank you guys! We owe you guys a bunch of hugs and kisses. By the way, it's not yet finished, we need to re-record and repair some stuff. Until then.

Hatred Shall Gone! Photos

Last weekend we played a show at Noisy, Ampang. Tobek had to stay in his office slaving himself and couldn't join us. Thank god we had Akmal (TIM/Skunkfix) who filled in for him. Millions of thanks to our friends who stayed until the end of the show with us, Akmal and also the organizers of the show (Nik Ezani and friends), sorry that we kinda fucked up but hey, super thanks for the food and drinks too :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hatred Shall Gone!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Always Last NOT playing Theoretical Chaos!

"We are very-very sorry to inform that ALWAYS LAST will not be able to make it for tomorrow's show. This is because Tobek was injured during the Bad Omen show last weekend. It's got something to do with his back. Me and Napi (The Korok) brought him to the hospital and did the X-Ray and luckily nothing really bad happened, but still haven't recovered. We're very sorry Duan, Dean and friends but I will still be going to the show tomorrow! See you there!"


latest updates from Dean:

this just in. tomorrow’s gig is on!

FORTE will replace always last. Forte is a new band made up of Virginia On Duty line-ups and friends. I suppose they play screamo, but I don’t know for sure. Come and see for yourself!

SHALLOW DANCE am going to replace infinite delay. the line-up got sick and being a student sucks (especially during exam/thesis submission period!). An equal replacement I must say. SD is surely and underrated technical grind monster!

QUANTIS is a new band made up of line-ups of Utarid, Kias Fansuri, and Merkuri. FIRST SHOW EVER! Based on what I’ve heard during their practise, damn, this is some good stuff, somewhere between Reversal of Man and Louise Cyphre.


We will be playing a show at MCPA together with our friends SKUNKFIX, DUM DUM TAK, CARBON4TEEN and AMARAH, along with the Singaporean ska/punk outfit, THE FULL PLEDGE MUNKEES. The recently reincarnate NET from Johor will be playing as well. See you there!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

ALWAYS LAST Recording (Part 1)

Hello everyone! Time for recording updates. We have already started recording. As for now, we have recorded 14 songs for the upcoming full length, tentatively titled as "Antidotes". We did finish all the basic guitar, bass and drum tracks. We booked 2 nights at The Band Shop, Taman Melawati and did 9 songs the 1st night and 5 the next night. All that's left now are the additional guitar layers, amendments here and there and of course the vocals. These wonderful pictures are taken by Red (Part Time Lovers). Thanks Red!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Theoretical Chaos!

We will be playing a studio show on Friday, 24th April 2009 at Studio,Shop,Space! along with dear friends Infinite Delay, and Quantis (heard from people that's Arwith from Second Combat/Kias Fansuri's new band, so better not miss that one). Tell all your friends, come and support this awesome DIY showcase. Plus Studio,Shop,Space! is a must-visit destination! It is owned and operated by our friends. Click on the flyer to view it larger. But, in case you're lazy:

Date: 3rd April 2009
Bands: Inquiry Last Scenery, Dead Disco Dancer, Tools of the Trade

Date: 10th April 2009
Bands: Kids on the Move, Rotten Epistle, Thrash Ohooii!!

Date: 17th April 2009 (Farewell show for Sabah tour)
Bands: CrimeScene, Soophie Sweet Fukk, Sarjan Hassan

Date: 24th April 2009
Bands: Quantis, ALWAYS LAST, Infinite Delay

RM 5 per entry/show
All showcase are all-ages
Show start at 9pm, every Friday (unless noted)
Need directions?
Call +603 4149 3571 or go to

See you people there!

ALWAYS LAST demo reviewed in local zines!

from Mosh #11 (November 2008):

"This CD contains 5 songs of fast beats melodic hardcore/punk tunes with wise message lyrics. Among the lyrics are about our current prime minister and also against homophobia. Also contains one hidden track which is an acoustic tune, but they also play it electric at their shows. Enough said, recommended!!!"

from Dead Pigs #2

"I got the CD from their guitarist at Graf Orlock show last year in KL. I'm not sure what is his motive to hand me the CD, either i'm being too sweet or he want a review for this upcoming DP issue. Well for whatever reason it is i'm sure he was right. This piece of good stuff shouldn't be left behind unrecognized. Always Last is a brand new punk rock outfit from Malaysia, comprises people from The Mindless Show that mixes Against Me!, a bit of Satanic Surfers into a jar before blend it with political perspectives. You can hear there is Fat-type of punk been thrown all over the places and i need to praise their own punk engineers for the nice quality of sound for demo. See? Punk engineer rules man! I like this stuff. Catchy, melodic yet politcal and even doing better in live."

What's new with ALWAYS LAST?

We just recorded one new song that will be featured in a compilation called "3 Chords Goes 80's", will be released by Nervhous Records. The song is still in a raw format and haven't been mixed yet. It will be done by Akmal (TIM). The compilation is a project of a bunch of local punk bands covering Malay songs from the 80's. Some of the bands that will be on it are such as Dum Dum Tak, Stick No Bill, Skunkfix, TIM and a bunch of others. Keep your eyes open on that one!

On the other note, Always Last will start recording our full length some time next week. The record is tentatively titled as "Antidotes". As for now we have like 13 songs ready. We are super stoked about recording them. We will try to put the updates on the recording here as frequent as we can.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

OUT NOW! on Nervhous Records!

Our band/personal copies of the first "S/T" demo have already sold out but we got help from Nervhous Records who are willing to re-release this CD. So from now on, those who are interested can get a copy of this from Nervhous Records or you can get it at shows that we play. Thanks in advance!

Here is the tracklisting:
  1. Intro
  2. Theoritically Rhetoric is Pathetic
  3. The Best Practices
  4. Kalau Aku Pak Lah!
  5. Partial
  6. Jom Layan Punk! (Acoustic)
You can get the demo CD for only RM4 (by hand) and RM5 (post-paid) from:

49 Jalan Rahim Kajai,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,


36 Jalan Bunga Melati 2/2,
Seksyen 2,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Rock Against Zionism Photos!

Do It With Your Friends!

Last friday we gathered at Seri Kembangan to make props for last Saturday's Rock Against Zionism show, which was held at One Cafe. Super thank-you's to Amert, Andak, Nizang, Emy, Akmal, Napi and friend, Buying and Norly for staying up late and helping us out with the props.

What we did was during our song "Comforting Asses", we brought out all the props to the mosh pit and played with them like what RAMBO did (nowhere near as good as them). What we tried to project is the role of major TV corporations such as CNN, CNBC and FOX in the Middle East conflict. The news that world get are usually biased, one-sided and not as true to what's really happening in the Middle East. This is because those news are filtered by those who are in power , such as the owner of the networks themselves and those Israeli consulates in the United States. This was inspired by this documentary called "Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land". We suggest that you go and google or find a way to watch this really good documentary.

Thanks also to Salman, Namo, Ika and the others who participated and also who stayed until the end of the show and supported us. Kudos to you all! Not to forget Apis C14 and Red Ink Entertainment for inviting us to play the show. RM1 from each ticket goes to Aman Palestine Funds.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rock Against Zionism!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Straight Answer's "Whatever It Takes" in KL

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Just Another PUNK ROCK Party!