Sunday, October 25, 2009

ANTIDOTES for wholesale

Hello people, we just want to let you know that our first full length is now available. Here is the price listing:

RM15 (by hand)
RM16 (by regular post)
RM18 (pos express)

For international orders (outside Malaysia), please contact us first so that we can work things out.

To those who are interested to buy the CD's in bulk for their shops or distros, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

or you can always call:

+6012-2426564 (Shah)


Saturday, October 24, 2009

ALWAYS LAST merch still available!

We have buttons & t-shirts for sale. These stuff are pretty limited, we made 30 pieces of the shirt and a few bunch of buttons. Some of them were sold during the No Use show, so grab yours fast. Contact us if you're interested. See you at shows soon!

The original artwork on the shirt was done by Emy (Skunkfix) and finalized by Min.

T-Shirt = RM25 (not including postage)
Buttons = RM2 (not including postage)

email us at:

Friday, October 23, 2009


We are featured in another compilation, this time with a collaborative release between Pissart Records, Nervhous Records and Kampret Records from Jakarta, Indonesia. Local bands featured including our friends The Mindless Show, TIM and also Cock Say Cock Dung. Other bands included on this compilation are majority of bands from around Indonesia, some from the US and some from parts of Europe.

We contributed the song
Theoritically Rhetoric is Pathetic, originally from the S/T demo.

Contact us at:


Pissart Records
Nervhous Records
Kampret Records (Jakarta, Indonesia)

ANTIDOTES available now!

After a couple of months delayed, we finally released a new full-length. Actually it was made available a week before the No Use For A Name show in Kuala Lumpur (18/10/2009). Thanks to Pissart Records, Nervhous Records and also Embrace Records for co-releasing this CD with us. It has 15 tracks of punk rock music in it. We hope you like it. Do contact us or the labels to get it or you can always get it at shows around Kuala Lumpur.

...Like Living in Contrast (A New McCarthyism?) / DIUS / Stupid Macho Band, End (S)hits! / Why Must Sell-out When We Can Sell-in? / To Be True is a Lie / Jom Layan Punk / Sanitized / Chalk / Patches & Leadframes / Tulip / Good Friend of Mine / Comforting Asses (The Cunt-ry Paid) / Aaina Kamelia: The Warmth / Aaina Kameilia: The Aftermath / Out-Rho

If you think mailorder is still fun, then contact:

36 Jalan Bunga Melati 2/2,
Seksyen 2,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Pissart Records
Nervhous Rechords
Embrace Records

It Was Truly A Feel Good Show Of The Year!

So last Sunday we played "The Feel Good Show Of The Year", along with our friends Toxictoy, Second Combat, Plague of Happiness, Under 18, Abhorrence, Dosound and NO USE FOR A NAME! It was a blast, we would like to thank everyone involved and helped with the show, Nervhous Rechords, Red Ink Entertainment, Permatha Pathah, United Front and all our friends, not to forget Salman and Akmal for helping us with the keyboards and backups and people who came to the show. We all had fun! We met a lot of new friends and met our old friends too! It was a show that we're going to remember for the rest of our lives. 10 years was worth the wait! Please come back again soon, No Use! Thank you!

photos by:
bob/deadgoat aria

Thursday, October 1, 2009


After about 1 year delayed, our friends at Nervhous Records, Pissart Records and also Red Ink Ent finally released the compilation called SENANDUNG PAWER-KORD. If you think this is just another punk rock compilation, you are dead wrong. Each band recorded 1 song originally by Malaysian 80's artists/bands and make it their own versions. sounds interesting? contact us to get yourself a copy now!

1) T.I.M - Dia (Sheila Majid)
2) Carbon 4 Teen - Gadis Ayu (Black Dog Bone)
3) Toxictoy - Antara Cinta dan Kasih (Aishah)
4) 679 - Chow Kitt Road (Sudirman)
5) Half-Asleep - Sinaran (Sheila Majid)
6) Skunkfix - Masih Aku Terasa (Gersang)
7) Killing Steward - Basikal Tua (Sudirman)
8) The Liberals - Penganggur (Sudirman)
9) Soul Savior - Khabar Buat Ibu (Alleycats)
10) Stick No Bill - Hanya Di Radio (Headwind)
11) Cock Say Cock Dung - Suratan Takdir (Gersang)
12) Sally Faerie - Wajah Rahsia Hati (Fauziah Ahmad Daud)
13) Always Last - Persamaan (Freedom)
14) Geng Gemok Keji - Hingga Akhir Nanti (Alleycats)
15) Moda Moody - Gadis Dan Bunga (Rahimah Rahim)
16) Sleepyjeremy - Ayahku Dan Angkasawan (Kembara)
17) Dum Dum Tak - Rupa Tanpa Wajah (Kembara)

Warning: This is a covers project,
a compilation of Malaysian 80's pop songs covered and ruined with these bands own styles.