Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OUT NOW! Always Last/Overdose split tape!

This special tour edition tape is released while Always Last and China's Overdose are touring together, with the help of our friends from Stoneville Records and Pissart Records. This tape is limited to 100 copies, 50 on black tapes and 50 on green transparent tapes! Get it from the labels and also the band! It's basically a reissue of our first demo + one new song that was recorded right before the tour started!

Side A (Always Last)
1. The Intro
2. Theoritically Rhetoric is Pathetic
3. The Best Practices
4. Partial

Side B (Overdose)
1. Look At Me, I'm A Mess
2. Fuck Your Fucking Band
3. Nevin's House (feat. DJ Tim)
4. Song For Liu Liu
5. Die With Me