Monday, March 1, 2010

Touring Was...FUN! A Time We'll Remember

Always Last & Overdose, in Melaka

Always Last, Overdose + Duan the roadie/tour manager

Duan taught these guys how to play "Colek"

More "Colek" at Embrace Hall, JB

Loser 1

Loser 2

Waiting for Jack @ City Hall, JB

In front of the venue in Singapore, after show

Happy hardcore jumps!

SUPER THANK YOU'S, HUGS AND KISSES to Duan (yep, the roadie and self-appointed tour manager hahahaha), Du Wei, Ruanruan, Jack and Eli (Overdose), Akmal and Namo (for helping us during the shows in Taiping and Penang) Dean Papakerma, Norly, Epit, Sunie, Elin, Amie, Mudik, Usop, Haji Emi and Zubai (what a coincidence to meet you guys in Melaka!), Eizzat, Smile Party Kolektif + Wild Dogs, friends at Noisy Studio, Ihsan Rainhouse for letting us crash at the venue, Min Gangbuster and friends in Penang, Azzief and friends for organizing the show at Grido Studio, Nervhous Family and friends, our Kajang friends for organizing the show at Equal Studio, Azizi Bebal Distro for bringing us around Melaka town and organizing the show, Melaka friends we hung out with after the show, Fahmi for letting us crash at Embrace HQ for 2 nights and brought us to Danga Bay and that fun-fair, Rizman, Ajie, Gapur, Fadli, Embrace HQ family and friends, our Singaporean friends (Cher, Glen, Jamez, Yati, Hafiz Bastard, Vanessa, Fizzo Dizzo, Elfi, Chubby, Muhsin and friend, Wan Vegan, Amir, Straits Records and friends), all our friends who showed up at shows and said hi, all the gig organizers, all the bands we played with, all the people who came to the show and also all the people who bought our stuff. Thank you very much for helping us out for the tour! hopefully we'll see you awesome people again next time! We love you!

Not to forget, Stoneville Records and Pissart Records for releasing the Always Last and Overdose split tape!

P/S: No, we didn't make money BUT we made lots of friends, we gain experience, we learn from each other, we helped each other out, we shared stories and stuff, and we had FUN! that's all that matters. that's DIY punk rock! (at least to us). Surely, these are the times we'll remember for the rest of our lives!



yeah,you guys fuckin rock dudes...!
awesome enough to get bent with..:)