Thursday, August 12, 2010

So What The Hell Happened To Always Last?

Yup, so what the happened happened to us? well, nothing much really. the band is busy with their own projects and stuff like that.

Min recorded and released a CD with his new-school hardcore band, THY REGIMENT and played a bunch of shows promoting their record. You can check THY REGIMENT at and we heard he is now started to focus on recording with his other punk rock band, SKUNKFIX. We did told you he is a drum machine right? Check out SKUNKFIX at He also plays with KIDS ON THE MOVE once in a while.

Bulat recently got married, and recently got busy with his side project, PARTIMELOVERS. If you're tired of the same old, same old punk rock, PARTIMELOVERS is definitely a band worth checking out. Definitely recommended for those who love shoegaze rock or something like that. check 'em out at and guess what, his wife is pregnant now! yeay!

Shah finally started working but quit his job after 2 and a half months and now working somewhere else. He recently got busy running a small DIY punk distro/record label that is owned by his girlfriend, called Cellulite Records. His other band (THE MINDLESS SHOW) also just recently released a split tape with another local punk rock band called Gasoline Grenade. Check out TMS at and also Cellulite Records at

Tobek, shares the common affection for the band Dillinger Four with our friend, Buyeng and jams to D4 sometimes him. Recently formed a Weezer cover band with the fine boys from PARTIMELOVERS and TOXICTOY.