Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do It With Your Friends!

Last friday we gathered at Seri Kembangan to make props for last Saturday's Rock Against Zionism show, which was held at One Cafe. Super thank-you's to Amert, Andak, Nizang, Emy, Akmal, Napi and friend, Buying and Norly for staying up late and helping us out with the props.

What we did was during our song "Comforting Asses", we brought out all the props to the mosh pit and played with them like what RAMBO did (nowhere near as good as them). What we tried to project is the role of major TV corporations such as CNN, CNBC and FOX in the Middle East conflict. The news that world get are usually biased, one-sided and not as true to what's really happening in the Middle East. This is because those news are filtered by those who are in power , such as the owner of the networks themselves and those Israeli consulates in the United States. This was inspired by this documentary called "Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land". We suggest that you go and google or find a way to watch this really good documentary.

Thanks also to Salman, Namo, Ika and the others who participated and also who stayed until the end of the show and supported us. Kudos to you all! Not to forget Apis C14 and Red Ink Entertainment for inviting us to play the show. RM1 from each ticket goes to Aman Palestine Funds.


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