Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Always Last NOT playing Theoretical Chaos!

"We are very-very sorry to inform that ALWAYS LAST will not be able to make it for tomorrow's show. This is because Tobek was injured during the Bad Omen show last weekend. It's got something to do with his back. Me and Napi (The Korok) brought him to the hospital and did the X-Ray and luckily nothing really bad happened, but still haven't recovered. We're very sorry Duan, Dean and friends but I will still be going to the show tomorrow! See you there!"


latest updates from Dean:

this just in. tomorrow’s gig is on!

FORTE will replace always last. Forte is a new band made up of Virginia On Duty line-ups and friends. I suppose they play screamo, but I don’t know for sure. Come and see for yourself!

SHALLOW DANCE am going to replace infinite delay. the line-up got sick and being a student sucks (especially during exam/thesis submission period!). An equal replacement I must say. SD is surely and underrated technical grind monster!

QUANTIS is a new band made up of line-ups of Utarid, Kias Fansuri, and Merkuri. FIRST SHOW EVER! Based on what I’ve heard during their practise, damn, this is some good stuff, somewhere between Reversal of Man and Louise Cyphre.