Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ALWAYS LAST demo reviewed in local zines!

from Mosh #11 (November 2008):

"This CD contains 5 songs of fast beats melodic hardcore/punk tunes with wise message lyrics. Among the lyrics are about our current prime minister and also against homophobia. Also contains one hidden track which is an acoustic tune, but they also play it electric at their shows. Enough said, recommended!!!"

from Dead Pigs #2

"I got the CD from their guitarist at Graf Orlock show last year in KL. I'm not sure what is his motive to hand me the CD, either i'm being too sweet or he want a review for this upcoming DP issue. Well for whatever reason it is i'm sure he was right. This piece of good stuff shouldn't be left behind unrecognized. Always Last is a brand new punk rock outfit from Malaysia, comprises people from The Mindless Show that mixes Against Me!, a bit of Satanic Surfers into a jar before blend it with political perspectives. You can hear there is Fat-type of punk been thrown all over the places and i need to praise their own punk engineers for the nice quality of sound for demo. See? Punk engineer rules man! I like this stuff. Catchy, melodic yet politcal and even doing better in live."


penyurat said...

wahh.. a good review indeed.

we're dead!

Redzuandy said...

PAWER doods!

apoqohell said...

amacham epiphone baru punye performance?memuaskan?